RISK 40th Anniversary Collectors Edition Used


Used 100% Complete Condition

About 50 years ago, an award winning French film maker Albert Lamorisse created a revolutionary game he called: La Conquete du Monde - loosely translated. "Conquest of the World." Two years later, in 1959, Parker Brothers published the game we all came to know and love as RISK. RISK was absolutely unique because it introduced groundbreaking game concepts. It was the first board game to offer non-linear movement - that was crazy thinking back then.

Although the rules were simple enough, the strategies required to win the game were not. RISK pushed the envelope and remained unmatched by any other game on the shelf; quickly becoming a phenomenon with millions of copies sold throughout the world. Since that time, nearly a dozen different variations of RISK have mapped out epic battles in the Star Wars universe, Middle-earth, Narnia, the moon, and various periods in world history. In the game of RISK there are no perfect moves. There are no guarantees. Because everything is at risk!