Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe


You have the power to light up the world like you're an amazing God of some sort. No seriously. This really neat magnetic globe is going to magically – read: magnetically – keep itself in place and offer you an LED-lit globe that is perfectly detailed to be accurate and amazing in terms of how many ways that you can use it. Perfect for steering you in the right direction, this is a fun option in the world of magnetic toys that is going to be borderline on a Star Wars related gift for those who enjoy the modern fashion.

Available in a series of colours, this is perfect for a study or a homework space, making it an option of great gifts for teens that will help inspire studying and focusing. After all, when adding in modern touches to a space, the kid and teen in your life is going to feel as though it is much more their speed and will be able work on it properly to help inspire everyone to adapt to modern touches.