Magnetic Levitating Floating Wireless Bulb Desk Lamp


Uh, cool! This is a fantastic option for great gifts for teens, especially those same ones who are interested in Star Wars related gifts. This fun desk lamp will really pump out a great quality LED light, and the floating bulb is going to help modernize this style and offer a industrial meets chic look in a thoroughly modern way. Ideal for putting together the magnetic toys angle without being too obvious about it, this is going to inspire and excite minds of all ages to see what these pieces of decor can do to a space.

With this exciting and fun lamp used in the right area, it classes up a space with no effort needed from you, and it's also going to make sure that you are able to enjoy this same class and dignity with the rest of your appliances. Perfect in a bedroom, office or living room, this fun lamp will turn heads and inspire imaginations to see just how far everything can go for putting together the ideal design scheme. This will give you the right combination of comfortable details and practical benefits that you're on the hunt to find.

Certification: CCC,RoHS,CE
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Source: AC
Voltage: 110-240V