Jeopardy All the Challenge Board Game



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Answer: "It borders every other country in South America except Ecuador and Chile." Question: "What is Brazil?" Just like the TV version, Parker Brothers' Jeopardy game features an upright board with 30 hidden answers to questions contestants must ask correctly. And just like on TV, there are three rounds of play, with the stakes--and the butterflies--increasing with every round. A restyled 10-inch game board features sturdy school-bus-yellow plastic and tip-proof supports. Credit-card-thin plastic "value tabs" fit into slots in the board's red inset panel, and a camouflaged "clues" page slips behind it.

The transparent red plastic reveals the hidden answers on the page when the value tabs are removed. Because the subject matter is widely varied, it offers a medley that works well even with a mixed age group. There are fun plastic clickers for three players and clues enough for a total of 48 games (we did find that when playing with younger gamesters the clickers proved more hindrance than help: they're pretty darn tempting). --Julie Ubben