Aukee Magnetic Floating Globe World Map Circular Frame


The world is a quickly moving place that is filled with all sorts of amazing things to consider, especially when it comes to the idea of levitation. Perfect as magnetic toys, this wonderful framed globe is going to offer a unique twist on the traditional map options out there and makes this an addition to the list of great gifts for teens. This one of a kind Star Wars related gifts option will help bring the modern world a little closer by focusing on all of the things that this can bring to the learner inside.

This is one of the magnetic toys that is growing popular in the biggest spots because it features LEDs to illuminate the world and it's going to be ideal for decor as well as practical use in the teen who is looking to learn and push forward. This can even be an inspiration to keep moving forward in some homes, so it's great go consider. Levitation in decor is now a thing, so get ahead of the curve by adding this in sooner rather than later and it'll be a great addition to your home's scheme.

  • Globe Diameter: 14.6cm/approx.6inch