Teen Gift Ideas of 2018

Teen Gift Guide of 2017

Gift cards

You can not go wrong with gifting a teen a gift card, Amazon is probably your best bet or a prepaid debit gift card is a good option as well.

Board Games

Make board games cool again, show your teen friends, or kids that intellectual stimulation is cool and cooperation and competitive board games teach us valuable lessons while bringing people closer together.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records make great gifts, even if you dont own a record player some of the vintage records have really cool covers that make great room decor. You can find reasonably priced autographed records as well. Other music memorabilia like old concert posters, cds, and cassette tapes that are very unique is a great gift because people dont expect it and it is something useful that can last a life time.

Instant Cameras 

Polaroid style cameras will always be somewhat trending, people dont see physical photographs of themselves, very often anymore,  and it feels good to know someone thought your picture was worth a piece of film.


 Its always nice to upgrade your speakers especially when some one else does it for you. There are levitating speakers now,  awesome quality small portable speakers, available for relatively cheap