Best Action Movies to Watch for Free

There are various movies which can be watched for your enjoyment and that of your loved ones, some of the movies are action movies and they offer stories which are captivating and contribute to the enjoyment of your holiday. Some of these movies include

Battle in Seattle

The actual 1999 protest against a summit meeting of the World trade organization was used in the Battle in Seattle; the theme was also used as a backdrop for a fictional story about the character which was swept in the tumult. The approach of Haskell Wexler’s “Medium Cool” (1969) was used but without the same level of urgency. Before the conference started, the leader promised that their demonstrations will be peaceful, while Seattle Mayor Jim Tobin promises that if that’s the case, no aggressive action would be used and no one would be arrested. However, on the conference day, the tension on both side escalate and several innocent people were caught in the crossfire.




Chicago Overcoat

In the 20th century, the most powerful organized crime syndicate was Chicago Outfit and Lou Marazano (Frank Marazano) was the deadliest hit man. After twenty years of his notorious wave, his talent was forgotten, legend obscured and his glory days were over. Due to the arrest of one of the high ranking union representative for tax fraud, Armand Assante, the outfit’s top boss orders some witness who can uncover the conspiracy which involved the city officials, police officers as well as mob affiliates. Lou sees the job as an opportunity to finance his retirement and also leave Chicago with his girlfriend (Kathrine Narducci). But when relentless detectives (Stacy Keach and Danny Goldring) started investigating about the job, and Mike Starr who is the acting street boss decided to revoke the membership of lou to the outfit, there is need for Lou to prove he is worthy of being the most deadly hit man.

 Best action movies


During the testing of the latest first-person shooter from a global developer, Sentinel, video game champion Max troy got to know about the events which were happening within the game are being reflected in the real world. He later finds out that Orson Creed was the game’s protagonist in the real world; he is an ex-Sentinel employee who is controlled by the corporation for some unknown reasons. Due to the collision between the virtual and real world, there is need for Max and Creed to join forces so as to unravel the conspiracy before the event escalate and overwhelm the city.




Greencard Warriors

Greencard Warriors follows the story of a 14-years-old angel who is an undocumented Latino teen  

that struggles to find his place in the violent world. With the promise of naturalization papers, the US military gave Angel’s family the opportunity to have a brighter future if they agree to send his older brother into the US Army. After the departure of his elder brother, Angel is left to the designs of a local street and the family had to face the consequences of the choice they made.



 Meteor Storm

San Francisco turned out to be the main target for waves of destructive meteors following a rogue comet orbit comes around the earth. For Michelle Young who is an astronomer, what was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event turned to be a nightmare due to the fact that thousands of meteors break the surface of the atmosphere and bombard the city of San Francisco.